Master Moy Lin-Shin

master-moy-lin-shin.jpgMaster Moy Lin-Sin was a Taoist monk who studied Tai Chi, Lok Hup, Hsing-I and Bagua in Hong Kong. After he emigrated to Canada in 1970, he began teaching martial arts in a small studio. When he found that his students needed to regain their health more than they needed to learn how to fight, he changed his teaching to better serve that need. He modified the Yang Style Tai Chi 108-move set by emphasizing turning, stretching, rising and falling. In addition, he borrowed principles from BaGua, Lok Hup and Hsing-I to modify the set and supplemental exercises.
Master Moy was always attentive to the needs of each student. He would change his methods to suit the students’ needs, paying close attention to students with health problems. We aim to follow his example, helping each student follow his or her best path to the common goal of health improvement. Master Moy passed away in 1998.