Staged approach

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In the Kin San Tai Chi Academy we start by teaching the basic moves and postures of the Tai Chi set until the students can complete the moves at a basic level. Then we teach the moves again from the beginning, but in more detail, refining the patterns and methods common to all the moves. At this stage, the instruction is meant to help the student relax more deeply into the body’s internal structure, opening the joints and ligaments to allow circulation and energy to flow freely. As the students progress, the instruction becomes more personal and individual, with each student given the instruction that he or she needs at the time. We practice in comfortable clothes and indoor shoes.


€ 35/1 month
€ 130/4 months
€ 190/6 months
€ 370/12 months 

SPECIAL OFFER (at initial registration only):
€ 180 for 6 months