Kin San Tai Chi Academy

Kin San Tai Chi Academy is a non profit organization. Our instructors are volunteers. They are not paid for their services. All suggested donations and fees go toward supporting, maintenance and expansion of the organization, and preserving the quality of our instruction. In line with our objective to help others, monthly donations are made to a third world project in Nepal. Our monthly contributions really make a difference there. For latest update from Nepal click here  (December 2023).

It is our aim to bring Tai Chi to as many people as possible by promoting the unique health benefits of this form of Tai Chi. In that way its many benefits will be available to all who wish to experience them. By making Tai Chi available we want to help others to improve and maintain their health.

The unique health benefits of this form of Tai Chi stem from the fact that it is a complete and integrated exercise, one which works all of the body's systems deeply yet gently. This makes it an exercise suitable for persons of all ages and health conditions.

Give it a try: send an email, give us a call or come find out for yourself at a free try out session!