I’m more relaxed and almost pain free

A year ago, I started a weekly Tai Chi lesson. After a fall, I was suffering from chronic lower back pain, which meant that running and even a long walk were no longer possible. Tai Chi turned out to be an alternative. I could complete all the movements without pain.

During the lesson, I have to concentrate, so other thoughts disappear. It feels like meditating while moving. I had to let go of my perfectionism because there is such a lot to learn and improve on. I’m now following the basic course for the second time and can feel the benefits: I’m more relaxed and almost pain free.

The lessons are fun, the instructors humorous and the group is open. Even though I’m not that old yet, I find it inspiring that you can practice Tai Chi at any age and hope to be doing so for many years to come. - Julie, age 52 -