Tai Chi enhanced my strength and agility

I was looking for group classes to help me learn new things and improve my physical ability. I attended a free session of Tai Chi conducted by Hanneke. The martial art and dance-like form of Tai Chi attracted me to subscribe for the course. I am learning Tai Chi for more than a year now. I think it has enhanced my strength and agility. Just like on day 1, I am still amused and enchanted by the different forms and moves of Tai Chi.

Hanneke's explanation of the techniques is very clear, precise, and very interesting. In each class, we practice a few moves step by step and we are aware of how this contributes to our overall learning of the 108 Tai Chi moves. Sometimes there is a vivid discussion on the philosophy and benefits of a particular Tai Chi move or form. The group is relaxed, enthusiastic and friendly, which makes everything even more interesting and fun. - Praveen, age 41 -